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I was meditating on the Gospel of Mark, specifically the story where the lame man's friends cannot get into the house where Jesus was staying because of the crowd. So they climb onto the roof, cut a hole in it and lower the man through it, where he gets cured (incidentally getting his sins forgiven as well).


Now I'm as much a fan of Our Lord and Saviour as the next guy, and I believe it is our Christian duty to help those less fortunate, such as the lame man. But if I were the homeowner, I'd have been mildly perturbed to have a hole cut in my roof. Anyone have any idea of how much roof repair costs? It's outrageous!


The Gospel account makes no mention of Jesus miraculously patching up the ceiling, or at the least making sure no rain, snow, cold weather, mosquitoes, etc. arrived.  (He did calm the raging storm elsewhere, so these things should not pose much of an obstacle). Not even sure if the home owner got his sins forgiven or anything by way of compensation.


I suppose there are important lessons here. Faith in Jesus' saving power; perseverance, as where the lame man's friends didn't give up; and good deeds occasionally require our acquiescence above and beyond, as I'm sure the homeowner provided. Having said that, if you find Jesus, strongly reinforced roofing might be  recommended.


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