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Christmas is approaching and God is sad because of all the evil in the world. To cheer Him, the archangels send Tommy, the newest angel, back to earth to find five instances of people performing random acts of goodwill.


Complications: the heavenly emissary’s supernatural powers are not developed yet, everyone he meets is surly, and he is burdened with a secret from his prior life.


Can the angel fulfill his mission in time for Christmas?



In this work of Christian historical fiction, husband-and-wife scientists Jason and Rebecca time travel to the first Easter in 33 A.D. Their goal? To see if Jesus really rose from the dead and to bring back proof to a modern, cynical world.


In a season filled with “Jingle! Jangle! Jungle!” seeing Jesus in To the Close of the Age will hopefully provide religious inspiration this Christmas season or, as the Lord might say, “rest for your soul.”

Fifty years ago, beneath the gleaming structures of the World’s Fair, New York is a city in decay.  A beautiful pioneering journalist is assigned to cover the city’s response to the crisis in one of the most pivotal elections in its history. 
As 1965 beckons, two candidates are poised to do battle: the long-serving Democratic incumbent mayor, and the handsome young congressman running as a fusion candidate.  The latter is an erstwhile Republican, whose party has calculated that the only way to survive the previous year’s Goldwater debacle is to pivot far to the left of the political spectrum. 
The campaign is upended by a crippling newspaper strike…and the emergence of a brilliant contrarian, who believes the way forward is not to the left, but sharply to the right, as he strives to give birth to modern conservatism.


You can never get enough of Bobby Fischer --
especially when two of the greatest chess champions in history
square off in Knight to King 4: The Fischer-Kasparov Match.
When Fischer gets the urge to compete after his premature retirement, young Garry Kasparov is simultaneously looking for a tune-up before his first world title shot in the 1980’s. 
A serendipitous set of circumstances leads the two champions to play a clandestine series in Kiev, Ukraine. 
Chess enthusiasts and literary aficionados have been abuzz over this debut novel which addresses the question: You may not be able to get enough of Bobby Fischer, but is Fischer’s quirky brilliance more than chess genius Kasparov can handle? 


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