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When did it become necessary to refer to everyday things as absolutes? I must have missed the memo.  You see it everywhere. Watching the Weather Channel the other day, the forecasters were talking about a "storm of epic proportions", which I guess relegates Noah's Flood to a minor squall.


Of course, you see it a lot in sports. The WORLD Series has recently ended, the "world" presumably encompassing only the North American landmass, excluding Mexico at that.  SUPER Bowl? Most of the games are boring when you come down to it. As for the proliferation of GOATS, I expect to find Jeter, Rivera, Trout, Manning, Brady, et. al. in a petting zoo.


Then there's ESSENTIAL oils. I  have adequate food, water, shelter and breathable air, but since I don't own any of these oils, what am I lacking that is so "essential"?


Of course I've been reading about the "crime of the century". While doing so, I wonder: when did a century get shortened to a handful of years, because there sure seem to be a lot of century lasting crimes.


I'd be tempted to read the great American novel. I could read the Bible instead, but that's only a "good book."


Well, that's it for this week's Tuesday Blog. I'll be back next week with a superlative collection of thoughts and words.



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