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Two years ago, Major League Baseball (MLB) removed the All-Star game from Atlanta due to Georgia's enacting a voting law that civil rights activists argued targeted persons of color. Agree or disagree, MLB stood in solidarity with persons of color. It turns out however, that as George Orwell might have written, some groups are more equal than others.

Enter this year's Los Angeles Dodgers. As part of the team's annual Pride Night, an LGBTQ+ group that spews hateful anti-Catholic speech was invited to be honored at the Night, held this past Friday. When faced with backlash from Christian groups, the Dodgers rescinded the invitation, only to reinstate it when LBGTQ+ groups in turn complained. I guess some hate speech is also more equal than others.

The Catholic Church has of course registered its disgust, as have other Christian leaders, such as Rev. Albert Mohler, a leading Baptist theologian, and several MLB players, notably LA's own Clayton Kershaw and Washington's Trevor Williams.

Under principles of both free speech and turn the other cheek, I am fine with any group espousing their anti-Catholic beliefs. Where I draw the line is honoring them in a very public forum. WWJD? In the spirit of overturning the money changers' tables, and since I am a continent away from LA and thus a boycott of the team serves no realistic purpose, I will not be drinking Coca Cola or Budweiser products, two of the advertising signs prominently displayed at Dodger Stadium, as well as foregoing the other patrons of the team.

Way back in the Brooklyn days, the Dodgers acquired the nickname "Bums." They still are.


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