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While I hope you had a great Easter, there is one person I suspect who didn't have an enjoyable holy day...God. We've done a great job of stamping all signs of religion out of our holy days. It's not like there's religious significance to a day marked by colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, lilies, etc., is there?

A few years ago, a Canadian couple (the Baars) were forced to sue to regain their adopted children. A religious family, the Baars refused to downplay the religious significance of Easter. When they told their case worker they would not tell their children that the Easter bunny was real, the children were removed from the home. I can't imagine that happening years ago.

Of course, years ago we would buy Cadbury Easter Eggs. We can't anymore. Oh, they're the same tasting eggs all right, but now they are packaged as "Cadbury Creme Eggs." Perish the thought that Easter be mentioned.

Then, there's the exception that proves the rule. The GAC Family channel on Good Friday afternoon broadcast a 75-minute airing of The Passion Play. Shocking, right? You couldn't find programming like that elsewhere, at least not in the 21st century. I'm surprised the FCC hasn't stepped in and reprimanded the network.

My dear friend Jerri shared the photo making the rounds of 1950's NYC skyscrapers, with their lights formed in the shape of a cross. A real estate management company doing the same today would surely face the displeasure of the courts (much like the Baars above).

Kind of a sad story, but I am glad of one thing, that the first Easter happened in 33 AD (and yes, IT IS A.D.) and not in 2023 A.D. Because if the events on Golgotha happened today, I fear Jesus would have popped His head out of the cave and decided to just go back in and hide, where it was safe and no sign of people antagonizing Him and all He stood for.


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