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Somewhere in there was only one song that stood out as apart from the others: Josh Groban's

O Holy Night. While that may have understandably been a mistake on the part of the station's program manager, it led me to the realization (dare I say "epiphany"?) that Jesus really has some nerve. Here we have a perfectly good holiday, filled with Santa and elves and all sorts of animated creatures, twinkling lights, garish outdoor displays, much overeating, etc. and the Son of God intrudes on the spirit of the season with religious overtones. Can you imagine!

I realize it wasn't His fault He was born on December 25, but why try to insinuate Himself into the public celebrations? When I was young, the town erected a creche scene along Main Street. Fortunately we've purged ourselves of such rampantly public Godly displays. Equally fortuitous, stores and businesses have had the good sense to secularize the occasion by substituting "Merry X-Mas" for the overtly religious use of the C word.

I imagine 2,000 years ago in that stable in Bethlehem, after the shepherds and wise men left, Jesus and His parents, like us, kicked back and enjoyed the blinking tree, binge watched Hallmark and Lifetime holiday themed romcoms, all while gorging themselves on the traditional treats and thought about how best to re-gift some of the presents that had been exchanged. (I mean, what exactly can you do with frankincense anyway?)

So Jesus, my advice to you is give it a rest. Pick some other time to celebrate Your birth, so as not to get in the way of a decently secular festivity. Oh, but don't do it at Easter. That's reserved for the Easter Bunny, colored eggs and copious amounts of chocolate. Come to think of it, I'm not sure what is the optimal date for a subdued celebration. You'll figure it out.


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