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Am I the only one who noticed this? Remember when that young man on the Buffalo Bills had the heart seizure during Monday Night Football? I don't watch a lot of football. Me being a Jets fan, I haven't had a professional team to root for since Joe Namath retired. Ah, but I digress.

Prayers for Damar Hamlin - AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack

In any event, I was watching one of the 24/7 cable news channels, and they broke in with the coverage of what was soon to be a suspended game, as medical personnel worked feverishly over the Damar Hamlin. Here's what struck me. Scores of players, from both teams, kneeling in prayer. Even the sports and newscasters invoking the Almighty, as they asked God's help for the young athlete.

Except for athletes thanking God for rooting for their team when they win a championship, you don't hear a lot of prayer during Monday Night Football, or during the newscasts, or anywhere else, for that matter. God, and prayer, seem like some sort of magic amulet, that we trot out in times of crisis, when we need His help. I remember the churches overflowing after 9-11. Certainly any private funeral features a packed house. If I learn I have an incurable disease today, rest assured I'll make a beeline for the nearest chapel. Time to pull out that magic amulet. Talk about a far cry from non-critical times. Want to check? Visit a church, any house of worship tomorrow afternoon. You'll be able to shoot a canon down the aisle without risk of hitting anyone.

I wonder if God sighs when He hears another prayer and moans, "What do they want now?" Too much wanting, not enough giving. Small wonder the world seems as crazed as it is these days. Come to think of it, something to pray about.


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