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Every year I write a Christmas short story for Facebook friends, posting it in installments starting on December 1. On periodic days the month preceding I send out reminder posts. However, I also prefer the more personal touch and try to individually message each of my friends. Here's what happened when I did so...

After sending out a smattering of Merry Christmas FB messenger greetings, the powers that be at FB freeze me out. A brief note accompanies the note showing that my messages were not sent (or received), informing me that my messages did not meet FB community standards. Hmm. A short note telling a friend that I've got a little gift by way of a story for them and wishing them the happiest of holidays runs afoul of community standards? How can this be? FB is replete with hate mail, disinformation, and scam artists, but the one message that FB stamps out is a Christmas greeting? (BTW, if this lands me in FB jail, you can catch me regularly at

I replied to the FB administrators, asking how a Season's Greeting could possibly violate any policy. No answer, other than the deep freeze. Fortunately, I was able to post the story, but the individualized greetings were at best a hit and miss matter, only a few being allowed each day.

I guess there's no room for the Baby Jesus in the Metaverse. There wasn't any room at the inn, either.


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