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There once was a time...

when books did not have to be formulaic,

contain gratuitous violence, or lurid sex.

Christmas is approaching and God is sad because of all the evil in the world. To cheer Him, the archangels send Tommy, the newest angel, back to earth to find five instances of people performing random acts of goodwill.


Complications: the heavenly emissary’s supernatural powers are not developed yet, everyone he meets is surly, and he is burdened with a secret from his prior life.


Can the angel fulfill his mission in time for Christmas?


The husband and wife scientific team of Jason and Rebecca perfect the world’s first time machine in the year 2033.  With fuel for only one trip, Jason travels to the seminal moment in world history…33 AD, the First Easter Sunday, to discover for himself - Did Jesus Christ really rise from the dead?

If listening to the candidates makes you feel like voting for “none of the above,” hearken back to a time when politics mattered and the choices were real and substantive.  


The Nation’s Hope, a novel of historical fiction, covers what was arguably the most exciting campaign in modern times: the 1965 race for mayor of New York City.  In that race, a young intellectual named William Buckley spearheaded the birth of modern conservatism, as covered by a beautiful pioneer of television journalism, Nancy Dickerson.

Knight to King 4: The Fischer Kasparov Match by author Kenneth T. Zemsky coming to Amazon in February!  Read Ken Zemsky's blog and sign up for updates!

Have you ever wondered what happens when generations collide?  What if Sandy Koufax pitched to Babe Ruth, Joe Louis stepped into the ring with Muhammad Ali, or Lincoln debated Kennedy? 


In Knight to King 4, two of the greatest chess champions in history whose lives intersected but who never actually competed against each other, get the opportunity in this fictionalized account. 


The brilliant but erratic Bobby Fischer squares off against younger chess genius Garry Kasparov at the height of the Cold War.  What neither man realizes is that the tipping point may rest with a man disdained by Kasparov’s Soviets and who had his title taken away by Fischer. 


What ensues is arguably the greatest chess match ever and a story of talent, ambition and redemption.

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