I post a very short blurb on Facebook every day. There is so much hate out there, I use that forum for humorous observations, usually nothing serious, hoping to bring a smile to readers' faces. Agreeing with H.L Mencken the best way to look at a politician is down, I also make it a rule to prick the politicos’ bombasity, regardless of party affiliation. Hence after Election Day I posted: “Memo to President Trump—a crazy person pretending to be you was on TV claiming election fraud; thought you should know.” (The day before I tweaked then president-elect Biden, stating that when told to assemble a cabinet, he went to IKEA).

The headline of this blog post was a comment I received from a FB friend(?), a person who ran for local office recently as one of the major party nominees. (Name is irrelevant—the purpose here is not to stir up disunity—we’ve done a good enough job of that already).

My overwhelming sense in reading the comment was pity, both for the individual and for the country, because I sense his views are not atypical.

I am a registered Republican and have worked for Republican causes. I am not a fan of Ms. Harris. She is a little too leftist for my taste.


I do not believe Vice President Harris is a half breed. Last I checked, she was born in the U.S., has devoted her life to public service rather than amassing private wealth, and while one can disagree with her politics, by all accounts she has acquitted herself well in service to her constituents.

The emotion expressed by said FB “friend” does not bespeak systemic racism. It is OUTRIGHT racist. A person is entitled to respectful disagreement on the merits, but not to stereotyping someone based on ethnicity, politics, gender, or any other insubstantial difference. Say a prayer for us. This country has so far to go.

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