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A number of years ago, the late physicist Stephen Hawking wanted to prove the possibility of time travel. To do so, he threw a party, sending out the invitations AFTER the event. No one showed, indicating to Mr. H that there is (or will never be) time travel. With all due respect, I think this is one time where genius was misplaced, primarily because of the way Hawking's plan was executed. Consider the following:

1. Why would a traveler from the future even want to come here? Look at the mess around us. Either Biden or Trump is going to be president. I don't even want to visit here, and I'm here.

2. Nothing against dear old Steve, but if I had to go out of my way to see him, my reaction would be, "Eh." On the list of people I'd like to spend time with, he's ahead of the Kardashians, but well behind the Pope, Elton John and Bigfoot. Maybe if we include people at the party that are HOT, there'd be more incentive for someone to pay a casual visit.

3. As for those invitations that were sent out...presumably we're not anywhere close to perfecting the principles of time travel. So we're probably talking about people that can redeem them not even seeing the invites until centuries (millennia?) down the road. What is the likelihood that invitations sent out in the early 21st century would have survived? I have trouble keeping records from the past year for tax purposes. Maybe carving the invite in a lasting structure, say the pyramids would do the trick. (Might need to get the Egyptian government's buy in for that.)

4. Maybe in the future humanity has developed an uncanny prankster gene, and future travelers are just funning with us. Just saying.

5. Of course, maybe Hawking's experiment was right, and there is no time travel. Well, excuse me, I have to go. I'm traveling to the future, one second at a time.


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